Moldova gaining popularity among tourists. Numbers rose by 19% since 2016

More and more tourists chose to visit lodgings from Moldova. According to data from National Statistics Bureau, compared to 2016, their numbers rose by over 19%.

Data shows that in 2017, close to 340 000 tourists were housed in lodgings from Moldova.

Among them, 57% were Moldovans. The rest, counts 145 000 foreign tourists. Most of them, 14% chose to stay in hotels and motels. 

At the same time, pensions were also a popular choice among tourists, having hosted close to 13%. Children camps were yet another popular spot.

Most foreign tourists came from Romania, their numbers being of close to 25%. Another big number of tourists came from Ukraine - 12%, from Russia - 9%, as well as from USA.

According to statistics, tourists have spend a total of 1.5 million nights in our country, having spend here on average 5 days each.

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