Moldova-France match: Preparations for the most important football event of the year is at the last one hundred meters

The preparations for the most important football event of the year, the match between Moldova and France selectors, are on the last hundred meters. The Moldavian Football Federation has taken the necessary steps for everything to happen, and for the fans to have a dream evening. The Deputy Chairman of the Federation, Dragos Hincu, spoke during the Tema Zilei program from our television station about the filters set up for supporters.

"There will be three filters. The first will check the person and possession of the stadium entry ticket. The second filter will scan the ticket and the third will be random, controlling the possession of prohibited items on the stadium", said FMF vice-president, Dragos Hincu.

In this way, the FMF representative asked the supporters to show a civilized behavior and to be in solidarity with the Federation. That means abstaining from violations that could lead to UEFA sanctions. The match will be broadcast live and exclusively by Prime TV. The production team of General Media Group will use, for the first time in Moldova, a mobile direction, aligned with the highest standards of the media industry.

Sports journalist and producer Vitalie Maistru mentioned that more than 30 rooms will shoot the match at all angles to give viewers a big show.

"- Our broadcast does not differ from what people have seen so far in final tournaments or the Champions League. -So, at least for the viewers, it will be a real celebration. -You will be exactly the same as big productions on TV. Champions League matches, the Europa League, as it was at the World Championship or the European Championship", said FMF vice president Vitalie Maistru.

FMF deputy chairman showed himself optimistic about Moldova's chances of winning a positive result in the match against the world champions, but he admitted that our national will have a striking opponent.

"The French team is made up of the best footballers in the world. But that does not mean that our nation is already losing on the field. And we are also trying to infuse the boys from the national", said FMF vice-president, Dragos Hincu.

Moldova - France match will be retransmitted in over 160 countries, writes

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