Moldova fills up unexploited touristic potential - Chiril Gaburici

"Tourism poses challenges and offers opportunities for Moldova. I strongly believe our country has potential in this sector. Tourism is generator of socio-economic progress, regional development and to reduce the labor migration. Tourism promotion means to promote the national heritage - culture, history and traditions," said Economy Minister Chiril Gaburici at a meeting today with representatives of the tourism industry in Moldova. 

In the meeting, initiatives of strategic reforms in tourism were on the table including tourism policy document "White Paper: Normative and regulatory reform for tourism industry" which involves both the private and state sectors. 

Accordingly, the White Paper will present the current situation in the tourism industry and will point to the actions for its continuous development, which will contribute to the country's economic growth. The document will be a recommendation and will contain a concrete action plan for the development of tourism in Moldova. Additionally, based on this, modifications and completions will be made in the National Development Strategy "Moldova 2020".

"Tourism industry demands a strategic reform to set up environment for sustainable development. Other countries with similar history have succeeded such as Georgia and Armenia. 

Following reforms, tourism has developed 10 times in Georgia and 4 times in Armenia, accounting for 3-4% of the GDP of countries. Moldova will be able to reach such positive results if we are to accelerate reforms and make use of the available resources," emphasized the Economy Minister. 

In this context, the Minister mentioned Moldova is an attractive destination and among the safest countries in the world. 

"Moldova has potential in IT domain with one of the largest internet and wireless coverage in the world. Our country recently is among the most important tourist destinations recommended in 2018", said the minister. 

A study on the competitiveness index of the tourism industry was presented at the meeting held by Economy Ministry in partnership with the Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by USADI and the Government of Sweden. 


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