Moldova to witness 20% increase of alcoholic females

In 2016, Women suffering alcoholism increased by 20 per cent, compared to previous year.  

Data from the Ministry of Health shows that over 600 new cases were taken to doctors' records last year, most of them were from the center of the country, exactly 245 cases. 

Accordingly, 164 and 102 women from the south and north of Moldova respectively, were registered losing control after consuming alcohol, mostly residing in districts of Drochia, Sangerei and Leova.

In Gagauzia, 33 patients came to the doctor after they regularly consumed large amounts of alcohol, mostly from Comrat.

There are over seven thousand women from total 45.7 thousand Moldovans suffering alcoholism in Moldova. 

Only 15 thousand were registered in the center of the country. Most of them were from the districts of Anenii Noi, Orhei, Hincesti and Ialoveni. In the northern area of the country, there were about 11,000 alcoholics, and in the south - more than seven thousand. 

Last year, doctors took over 3,200 men and women consuming too much alcohol.

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