Moldova: Every four of ten children aged under 10 years old have social network accounts, survey says

Every four of ten children under 10 years of age have social network accounts, two thirds of children aged 12 to 15 surf the Internet daily. The data was revealed in a national survey conducted at the initiative of the International Center 'La Strada'.

According to research, one of the most risky behaviors of online children is the transmission of intimate photo and video. Almost 82 percent of children have sent messages, photos or videos over the past 12 months via the Internet.

Every fifth teenager of 14-15 years has received erotic photos, videos on the Internet and 16.8% have been requested to do so. Research data shows that usually the teenager who received such content also had searched it before. 

The authors of the document said children aged 12-15 years old met with people on Internet. Every second child admitted he met with people in real life who he knows initially on Internet, which most of them regretted. 

Likewise, 8.6% of all children aged 14-15 years have exchanged nude or semi-nude photos, videos in the past 12 months for following reasons: curiosity, relationship, etc. 

There are teenagers who took these photos and were threatened their photos would be become public.  

Every fifth teenager, aged 12-15, says he knows nothing about online safety, while the rest of them have insufficient knowledge.

Under these conditions, the authors of the research say, many children are easy prey to malicious persons.

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