Moldova could become Russia's new victim and next 'Crimea'

After an inconclusive election, a looming political crisis, and a coalition government controlled by a pro-Russia president, Moldova appears to be making the move toward becoming "the next victim of Russia."

This is what the former Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu, told Newsmax last week when speaking on the future of the country, reports NewsMax.

Just days ago, the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) conceded their power to the new coalition government that was challenging the PDM. The coalition between the pro-Europe ACUM Party and the pro-Russia Socialist Party (PSRM) is led by Igor Dodon of the PSRM.

This claim follows the development of two governments in Moldova: one controlled by the Democratic Party led by Vladimir Plahotniuc and the other controlled by the coalition led by Dondon.

The two governments emerged following an inconclusive election in February. According to the Moldovan constitution, after an election, the members of parliament have three months to establish a coalition and form a new government.

The Democratic Party refused to acknowledge the new coalition, saying it missed the June 7 deadline to form a new government. This charge, which was backed by the constitutional court, led Plahotnuic and the Democratic Party to refuse a concession of power.

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