Moldova Business Week 2016: Prime Minister meets small entrepreneurs in Nisporeni

Prime Minister Pavel Filip attended an ‘open-doors’ ceremony at the Business Incubator  from Nisporeni town, part of the "Moldova Business Week 2016" agenda of events taking place all over the country.

He has assured the businesspeople the Government has the priority to create a business-friendly environment to attract investments. The Prime Minister has highlighted the local authorities must treat companies with care and respect.

"You cannot compel anyone to come and invest in Moldova, neither can you increase the investments by appeals. One should crate the necessary prerequisites and comfort for the businesses to develop, and the Government is dealing with this daily," Pavel Filip pointed out.

He has lauded the Nisporeni Business Incubator for insuring the prerequisites to start new companies and make more well-paid jobs.

Presently, 84 people are employed by those 33 small companies working in the Nisporeni Business Incubator.

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