Moldova benefits of 400 square meters within 2020 Dubai Expo

Moldova is getting ready for a great event that will promote the image of our country. Next year, we will benefit of a 400 square meters pavilion within Expo Dubai. Here, we will exhibit the best products that we have. In one of the zones, the visitors can make a virtual travel on our lands. Another zone is for the foreign investments. Thus, the foreign investors who are interested to fund our country can find more information about us. The crafts section are destined to the food. Anyway, the wine section is the business card of our nation, but it won't be tasted within the exhibition.

"We face some restrictions on the alcohol field. We found a solution over this situation. We will provide the visors to fell the aroma of the wine, if they can't taste it", said Eugen Boico, publicity agency director.

The economic agents from Moldova can attend at the preparation works.

"There are no limits within the projects. We are ready for cooperation", said Natalia Ivanov, project manager.

Chiril Gaburici, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure declared that our country's participation at 2020 Expo Dubai should be a success.

"It is very important. This why we count on a high quality. This exhibition will help us attract foreign investors and tourists in our country. We want to have a good appearance, so the whole world finds us bout us", said Chiril Gaburici.

Moldova will spend 1,7 million USD on this exhibition. 2020 Dubai Expo will be visited by 25 million persons, among whom, 70% are foreigners. It is the fourth time Moldova participates at such an exhibition.

First time, Moldova attended 2000 World Expo in Hanovra, Germany.

Ten years later, Moldova participated at 2010 Expo that took place in Shanghai and in 2015 we participated at an exhibition in Milano.


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