Moldova became more attractive for foreigners. More and more people request Moldovan residence permit

Moldova is more attractive for the foreigners. At least this is what the Migration and Asylum Bureau shows. The previous year, over four thousand residence permits were offered, which is 13% more than in 2017. The foreigners come in Moldova to study, work, for business or family.

The previous year, over 21 thousand foreigners requested residence permit in Moldova.  The majority of the foreigners come from Turkey followed by Romanians, Ukrainians and Azerbaijan residents.

"The reason of coming in Moldova are the favorable weather conditions, food and the beautiful women."

According to the data, the number of foreign investments raised. The previous year, over 400 entrepreneurs requested residence permit, which is 349 more than in 2017.

"Giuliano Valter Casella Italian is in Moldova for five years already. He owns a restaurant in the Capital. He came here after he fell in love with a Moldova woman.

"I didn't know anything about Chisinau or about Molodova. It seemed strange tome that I didn't know anything about it, as I created my own corner here."

Due to the thing that the Dentistry Faculty was recognized by California, more and more foreign students come in Moldova to get a diploma. 

"People in Moldova are great. They always cheer me. I like Moldova. I hope I can stay here by 2030."

The foreigners who come here to work get a residence permit for one years, while the ones who study get it for their studying period.

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