Moldova bans meetings of more than 3 to stop coronavirus

The order takes effect beginning March 27. 

Prime Minister Ion Chicu said the possibility of imposing movement restriction from 23:00 - 5:00 was also examined. 

"We have not adopted such a decision because we believe that we will achieve the goal of preventing coronavirus from spreading by limiting the size of group gathering. We will make this decision if necessary", PM Chicu said. 

Moldova will close two crossing points Costești-Stânca with Romania and Rosoșani-Briceni with Ukraine, he announced. 

Notaries and judicial executors must continue their activity. The respective sector must comply and provide the services that the state has delegated to them.

"Taking the rate of increase over time into account, we expect the coronavirus infection cases will jump to 2000 by April 10", the prime minister worried. 

"Systems in countries such as Italy and France do not face this challenge. Our system will not withstand either. I reiterate the need to respect restrictive measures, although we don't like them. 

Many of us will die eventually unless we are responsible. 

We have 3-4 thousands beds in hospitals but it's likely we will have a large number of confirmed cases. 

Meanwhile, physician shortage has not been solved until now. 

The state employees must stay home in the next nine days. 

Don't leave the city, don't go to the village", he stressed. 

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