Moldova and Ukraine will continue to collaborate for a single market

During the International Conference "Integrated transport corridors in Europe – Asia Connection", the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine spoke regarding their collaboration, with the intention to ease the movement of goods for economic agents between the two countries. The Conference was attended by PM Pavel Filip, his counterpart Vladimir Groisman, as well as multiple other businessmen. 

"We will try to improve the trade system between our countries, as we both believe there is much potential in transporting goods by river. Those are steps that have to be made in order to improve the economy of both countries" Ukraine's PM, Volodîmîr Hroisman declared.

"I wish to mention that even businessmen have attended our forum, a crucial factor, as the development of transportation means are made for them. Republic of Moldova, along with all the other countries that signed the European Union Association Agreement, have taken upon ourselves a responsibility we will see through" Pavel Filip mentioned.


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