Moldova, a leader in economic growth in eastern Europe

Besides Romania, Republic Moldova is a leader in economic growth too. The international economic growth for this and the next year was forecast by the International Monetary Fund.

The experts of this prestigious organization forecast a 4% increase in Republic of Moldova's economy for 2017 and a 5,5% increase for Romanian`s economy. On the other side, our neighbors from the west are going to have a two percent GDP increase. The economy of Ukraine will have a two percent increase, Russia`s economy will have 1.8% increase and Belarus 0,7%.

The west neighbors, Hungary and Bulgaria will have a 3,2% and 3,6% increase.

According to IMF, the euro zone which is one of the most important economic partner of our country will record a 2,1% of the GDP. The evolution from European Union is capable of increasing Republic of Moldova`s economy in the following years too.

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