Today is the World Population Day. On this occasion, a public session dedicated to family planning was organized in Bucharest.

Dozens of people came to get information about contraceptive methods.

A spot was also featured at the event, which talked about myths about avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Wrong methods, say doctors.

"I have heard from history that they used a sponge that soaked it in lemon juice if I'm not mistaken." After sexual intercourse if you do a lot of sports that day, you may not be pregnant.

"With vinegar and coca-cola are some very popular methods, some women actually put in a vagina soaked in vagina, but most of them have a vaginal shower with dilute vinegar, and again they are wrong," said the doctor gynecologist, Vera Melniciuc.

According to the Center for Demographic Research, in Moldova, every seventh man believes the woman is responsible for family planning.

"As sex is in two, so the decisions on contraception must be taken in two, so it is the responsibility of both partners," said gynecologist Vera Melniciuc.

Most say they often turn to contraceptive methods and do not believe in myths of the past.

"I believe it is necessary to use condoms, contraceptive pills and it is welcome to plan the baby and go to the gynecologist."

"Hygiene after sexual intercourse, during breastfeeding, you can not get pregnant what many women are still leading after this stereotype, but reality shows something else."

"I protected myself naturally, I did not use anything like that. I was an exemplary boy I did not get too crooked."

"I think that our society should use the easiest and most effective methods of contraception, first of all a condom."

Health Minister Svetlana Cebotari also attended the event.

"We are going through this event, but also through many actions that will continue and over the next few years to inform the population about methods of contraception," said Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection Svetlana Cebotari.

The public session was organized by the Ministry of Health and the UN Agency.

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