Moldova 2019 Exhibition was inaugurated at Chisinau. Companies compete for a good deals

The most expensive apartment in Chisinau costs over 4 million and half lei. It is the offer of a company present at the real estate fair opened today in Chisinau. A luxury penthouse is located in a block on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard from the Capital. It has an area of over 200 square meters and a terrace of 100 square meters overlooking Dendrariu Park. Representatives of the real estate company say the elevator reaches inside the home.

"The hallway of the block will be absolutely marble, with Finnish lifts, which are the first in quality in the Republic of Moldova and a reception with concierge service. The most magnificent view in the city is in the downtown block but still near the park and we can say that is a green area", said Denis Armas, sales manager of real estate company. 

And real estate companies compete in more attractive deals. Potential customers benefit from a discount of up to 10% during the exhibition.

"We have complex blocks in all sectors of the city, we have blocks for more demanding people, where there is a higher price, and we have also for the younger families at a more affordable price. One square meter includes the white apartment variant, red brick, mineral wool, quality windows, first class boiler", said Olga Popazov, representative of a construction company. 

Real estate experts recommend to those who are looking for a home to take into account the quality of the building and the location of the building. 

"To pay attention first of all to the legal part and quality of course. A good apartment needs to be built from environmentally friendly materials and clear to comply with all technical norms", said Aurica Curmeu, representative of a construction company. 

Valeriu Placinta is looking for a two-year apartment. The man wants to sell the old apartment and move to a new house in the Ciocana district of Chisinau. It has a budget of 25,000 euros. 

"I'm only interested in Ciocana and I have seen interesting offers at home on the ground, in the block. It's near Megapolis, a bit out of town, but we're counting on having a cleaner, smoothed, said Valeriu Placinta, inhabitant of Chisinau.

Visitors are looking for dwellings that they like and are priced in the budget they allow. 

"I found what I needed. The apartment is located in the Buiucani sector has a good location, the home is good, everything is fine".

"I am looking for an apartment, but I analyze all the offers, I emphasize the quality and the price and the location of the block. I want to have access to public transport and no other block built in front of my block".

The real estate fair "Imobil Moldova 2019" is at its 23rd edition and will be open until April 14th. This year, there are 29 companies and real estate agencies, as well as commercial banks.

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