Modova Fruit company launched "Sweet Moldovan apple" at Chisinau International Airport

The tourists who land in Chisinau International Airport had a great surprise: they received an apple. The "Sweet Moldovan apple" initiative belongs to "Moldova Fruit" Association that wants to promote its products that way.

"-It is very good. -Is it delicious? -I am coming from the South Africa. We don't have apples there. These are very tasty. This is the first time when I try apples."

"The apples are very good."

"These apples are juicy and tasty. I also like your wine."

The present of Moldova Fruit also impressed the Moldovans.

"Out country should be proud about its products. This way, the tourists find out about our best products."

Within the campaign that will last three days, 10 thousand apples will be offered. The apples come from Cosernita and Criuleni.

"Due to this campaign, we want to promote our products on the European market. We want everybody to know the taste of the Moldovan apples", said Sergiu Tarna, manager of a company.

The farmers had a very good harvest last year.

"Moldova Fruit has the target to find at least three foreign markets where to expert their products in the next years", said Iurie Fala, deputy director of Moldova Fruit.

"The airport is the place where all the tourists begin their journeys. This is why we considered that through this campaign we will promote our products and also make a surprise for the foreigners", declared Rodica Rusu, the spokeswoman of the Chisinau International Airport.

The campaign stared on the eve of Moldova-Franta match that will take place on Friday. In 2018, the farmers had a harvest of 620 tones of apples, among which 250 thousands were exported in 17 countries.

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