MODEST HOLIDAYS. Where Moldovan deputies will spend Christmas and New Year Holidays

If they had Christmas and New Year Holidays on ski or on the beach, this year the winter holidays will take the deputies home with their families and relatives. That's because deputies have a lot of work to do during this period, especially as they follow the electoral campaign.

"As usual, I will spend them in the family, but these holidays will not be accompanied by the holiday, as it was usual, considering it is an electoral campaign. We have three grandchildren now, the fourth is on our way so grandchildren who are the bigger ones are looking forward to the day when they discover what gifts we have", said Valeriu Ghiletchi, deputy speaker of the Parliament.

Andrian Candu says that traditionally, winter holidays do not go unpaid for all family members on Santa Claus.

"It's not easy, four other family members, children and wife, of course, and other relatives, friends to think about, but they will certainly have all the gifts", said Andrian Candu, the Parliament Speaker.

And other Members say that this period is a good opportunity to stay with your loved ones.

"During the winter it is better to stay home, to have a glass of glintwein, to cook a chicken. Our good people said that the best place is the furnace", said Mihai Ghimpu, PL leader.

"I want to see my granddaughter on the New Year Holiday.It is a wish and I can't wait to see her", said Valentina Buliga, DPM deputy.

The deputies said that the most special gifts they received in childhood. Now the perfect gift does not depends on the price.

"I do not really care about the material gifts, but the best gift is that my dear people are with me. Nothing else I need", said Elena Bodnarenco, PCRM deputy.

"Generally, since I was little, I did not receive Christmas gifts. It was a much more difficult time, but at this point I think the most beautiful gift is the baby who came to our family", said Alina Zotea, PL deputy.

"A gift I received in the childhood from my grandfather was a musical instrument, I can not sing but it seemed to me that I'm going to start singing. And at those times, it was the Soviet period, that was a very big thing you rarely have such an instrument", said PLDM deputy Vadim Pistrinciuc.

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