Modern sports complex to be built in Ialoveni district

Locals of Costesti village, Ialoveni district can not imagine life without physical activity, thus they have decided to build a modern complex where peple could be able to train in best conditions.

The works will start by the end of spring and will last for two years.

The new sports complex will have the capacity of 1,500 seats, will include a football field and several running trails.

The sports complex will host local, regional and even national competitions.

Locals appreciate the initiative of the authorities. Most kids are happy, that will say where to spend their time. Over 4,000 athletes of all ages are in Costesti village.

The total cost of the complex is of 32 million lei. Over 22 million will be  offered by the Agency for Regional Development and 10 million - by the Moldovan Football Federation.

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