Modern dairy farm established in Ialoveni

Milk is greatly lacking in Moldova, therefore authorities encourage entrepreneurs activating in this field. A farmer from Ialoveni managed to open a modern dairy farm, producing 7 tonnes of milk daily.

The whole quantity is sold to enterprises manufacturing dairy products, but the entrepreneur plans to open his own company.

Last year, the farmer bought around 300 Lakenvelder cattle, which offer 37 liters of milk daily. The entrepreneur gained subventions of over one million lei, the money being used to modernize the farm.

"We bought special equipment to milk the cattle."  

After the milk is collected, it ends up in a cistern, where it cools down. The veterinarian is investigating the quality of the milk with modern equipment and the information is later inserted in a database.

"Each cattle has a collar containing information based on its number. When it was born, its age, the quantity of milk it produces daily" veterinarian Ruslan Panasiuc said.

One liter of milk costs on average 5.30 lei, but the price could increase if the milk has more than 3.5% fat. The administrator claims that the cattle is fed with special food to maintain the productivity.

"Each cattle requires one hectare per year for food. We own around 300 hectares" administrator Victor Colin said.

The farm was visited by National Agency for Food Safety. Its representatives declaring that such a farm ensures that consumers will receive high quality milk.

"All the requirements are kept and the animals' health is being constantly monitored, as well as the quality of the milk, which is later processed" director of ANSA, Gheorghe Gaberi said.

In Republic of Moldova exist close to 70 dairy farms.

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