Modern conditions for students! Chisinau renovated basin in School no.8

Students and Olympians trained daily at the 8th Sports School Basin will enjoy modern conditions.

After half a year of repairs, the basin was finally inaugurated. The investments cost almost 800 thousand lei, money allocated by the Chisinau City Hall.

Now the basin has four swimming pools for the 254 students.

"It seems to me now we can improve a lot and pass the normal training".

The students' parents were also satisfied with the new conditions. 

"I come to support my child. It's good now, clean, bigger, deeper". 

Present at the event, Interim Mayor of Chisinau Ruslan Codreanu says that the municipality will continue to invest money in the educational institutions of the capital.

"We have invested this year a great deal of money for all high-school sports schools in the city. If in the past these years, we had zero investments in sports-related fields in the city, we have reached 8 million lei this year. This is a big sum but we will make further efforts to invest more and more", said Interim Mayor of Chisinau, Ruslan Codreanu.

In total, 355 students are practicing at school number 8 in the Capital.

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