Mobsters Victor and Viorel Ţopa lose case in Netherlands against Vlad Plahotniuc (DOC)

The felons Victor and Viorel Ţopa lost the case against Vlad Plahotniuc in a Dutch court. The President of the Democratic Party (PDM) posted this announcement on social media.

"For years, fake news has been floated by which the Țopa felons have been saying they would have been deprived of Victoriabank shares. They accused me, they even accused the president of the Parliament, PDM colleagues, they went as far as suing us in the Netherlands.

I once said in an interview I let the time do its work and the truth get to the daylight. The time has come and two decisions of an Amsterdam-based court confirm Țopa’s accusations as to the so-called raid on Victoriabank are groundless and lack evidence.

First, a Dutch court declined to accept their suit against me and PDM colleagues as accused, then it judged on the cause and the Țopas’ claims against OTIV Prime Holding. The second decision was taken on March 8 reading their claims were groundless and lack evidence!

To be exact, they have lost the trials they started by themselves during the 2014 electoral race.

The big myth that they are the victims of a big raid on Victoriabank is busted and other lies with it. Time will clear out other false accusations being up to now floated in the public," Vlad Plahotniuc wrote.

Read the court decisions at

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