Mission accomplished: Rescues ended up work at the block of flats where the explosion took place

In five days, the rescues finished the work on the block of flats damaged after the explosion. The IGSU employees took the belongings of the victims that were under rubble.

The evacuation work of the walls started five days ago and ended up last night. Over 80 rescues worked these days.

Within a session at the Government, the prime minister Pavel Filip requested the responsible institutions to come up with an actions plan to avoid such back lucks for the future.

 We reminds that after the last week intervention, a fireman was wounded and hospitalized int he Military Hospital from the Capital. This morning, the man was visited by his colleagues and the IGSU chief.

The doctors say that the rescue can go back to work soon. Meanwhile, the woman in whose apartment the explosion took place remains at the Institute of the Emergency Medicine.

Another victim is a man who is under the eye of the doctors from the Sfanta Treime hospital. He is out of danger.



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