Ministry of Health to investigate mysterious death of 4-month-old infant from Soroca

Ministry of Health and Labor will investigate the mysterious death of a 4-month-old infant from two days before. The tragedy took place in Iorjniţa village, Soroca district.

For this, authorities have created a special commission. The child's death having risen multiple suspicions, because the mother claims that her little girl started feeling unwell after receiving her flu shots.

The infant's mother claims that she fed and put the child to sleep, afterward leaving to visit a neighbor. Upon her return home, she noticed that the little girl was not breathing. Paramedics could only register the time of death, as by the time they arrived the child was already dead. 

Law enforcement claim that both of the infant's parents drink often. The forensics will present today their discoveries, which will help police officers to establish all circumstances.

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