Ministry of Health: Special commission to study in vitro fertilisation procedure

The Mother and Child Institute will set up a commission to study the files submitted by families seeking an in vitro fertilization procedure under medical insurance. Experts in the committee will determine, based on predetermined criteria, eligible couples.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health has drafted a regulation which it has proposed for public consultation.

The couple will personally file for examination at the secretary of the evaluation committee. The committee members will be responsible for managing and updating the waiting list.

In vitro fertilization procedure will be performed at one of the four private clinics in the country providing such care. It's about Medical Repromed Center, New Med Life Clinic, Terramed Clinic and Medpark International Hospital.

Clinics to be contracted by the National Health Insurance. An IVF procedure will cost 31.729 lei. The amount does not include costs for medicines.

According to statistics from the Center "Reproductive Health and Medical Genetics", currently about 140,000 couples of reproductive age are infertile, and in 3,000 cases the problem can be solved only through in vitro fertilization.
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