Ministry of Finance transferred money to CNAS. This month more than 550,000 retirees will receive 600 lei to their pension

The Ministry of Finance transferred the money to CNAS. Thus, in the coming days, more than 550,000 retirees will receive a unique help of 600 lei. The announcement was made by the spokesman for the Democratic Party of Moldova, Vitalie Gamurari.

"The Ministry of Finance has transferred the money to CNAS. Some pensioners have started to benefit from this amount yesterday, and today and tomorrow all the money will reach the recipients so that pensioners will be able to use this aid in the context of the winter holidays.

There were false statements when trying to get false information that it is not 600 lei, but it is 100 lei.

I want to reconfirm once again that we are talking about the 600 lei that will benefit more than 500.000 Moldovan pensioners and the amount of 100 lei is granted by the local authorities. There are two totally different sums and they have nothing in common with each other", said DPM spokesman Vitalie Gumurari.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that  600 lei will benefit more than 550 thousand citizens. The initiative came from the President of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc , who aims to come every year with such holiday helpers.

Also, in the Official Gazette was published the law stipulating that from 1 January, elders who have incomes lower than 1,590 lei, will receive a higher pension by ten percent.

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