Ministry of Finance posts application showing return of EMBEZZLED BILLION

Everybody now can see how Moldova’s embezzled billion is being returned, after it was siphoned by the failed banks -- Banca de Economii, Banca Socială and Unibank.

The Finances Ministry has posted on its site a special application called ‘Recuperarea Activelor Fraudate,’ which is Romanian for ‘Recuperating Embezzled Assets.’

The figures will be updated monthly and will be presented for each bank separately. Up to now, after selling assets of those three banks, as much 473,000 lei ($24,000) .

670,000 lei from the loan of 14 billion lei disbursed by the Central Bank to those three banks have been paid back.

Former PLDM leader Vlad Filat is deemed to be involved in the issues related to those three bust banks.

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