Ministry of Finance: Draft law of wage increases will be proposed for approval by Government this week

The draft law of salary increases in the budgetary sector will be proposed for approval by the Government this week. Minister of Finance, Octavian Armasu.

"These days we are working on processing all opinions and proposals for improvement, including from the Syndicate", said Octavian Armasu, Minister of Finance.

The Minister has denied some rumors in the media that this salary cut will result from this reform. The dignitary has said that no public sector employee will lose.

"We have an increase in the Salary Fund by about 1.3 billion lei. We, with this increase of the Payroll Fund, can ensure the implementation of this unique tariff charter. the payroll fund", said Octavian Armasu, Minister of Finance.

The wage reform is expected by all budgets, syndicate members say.

"We consider this project to be a positive thing". About 40 percent of employees in education had a lower salary than the subsistence minimum, which was between 1100 and 1300. This thing, goes into history", said Ghenadie Dodonos, President of the Trade Union Federation of Education and Science.

According to DPM leader Vlad Plahotniuc, salaries will increase by 20, 50 and even 90 percent for nearly 200 thousand people in education field, social assistance, local public administration and health. The draft law is due to be adopted by Parliament by the end of November, when the mandate of the current legislature expires. Budgets will pick up leftists raised in January.

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