Ministry of Education intends to cut down number of lessons and subjects for pupils

Pupils might have less subjects to study, while teachers will not be requested to stay more than 35 hours per week at work.

Those are just a few ideas Ministry of Education wishes to implement. Until the end of the year, they wish to elaborate a strategy, by which the educational system from Moldova will be reformed. The first steps were already taken, while the Minister claims that those innovation will be ready for implementation in 2018.

One of the initiatives is regarding the evaluation of the schools optimization process in the country. There, pupils and parents will fill in forms to determine how the changes influence them.

Depending on the result of this survey, branches of school will be opened and teachers financially motivated to go work in another region.

"We are also interested to see how 18 000 children are being taken to school, if they truly use a school bus or a rented one. If the teaching staff from schools that were closed down managed to find new jobs" head of the pre-higher education department, Valentin Crudu said.

At the same time, ministers are currently evaluating the school curriculum for each subject. Here 500 specialists, from schools, universities and civil societies have joined forces to get it done. It is desired to reduce certain subjects and number of lessons for pupils.

"20 lessons for primary school and gradually raise up to 34 lessons per subject in Lyceum. For us it seems a lot. Children must only learn what will prove to be useful for them. Let us introduce modern content, but not easier ones",  Valentin Crudu added.

At the same time, Ministry of Education wishes to reduce the time teachers need to spend in institutions, so that it will not exceed 35 hours per week. While certain activities of teaching staff, such as Parent- teacher meeting will be paid.

Last but not least, the Ministry wishes to reduce the amount of reports those from educational system need to submit. To drop their numbers by 50%

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