Ministry of Economy sued ANRE. Fuel prices will be restored to previous ones

Ministry of Economy sued ANRE. Authorities request the court to cancel the Order through which fuel prices rose, as well as the suspension of the enforcement of the decision until an an irrevocable decision is made. According to the Ministry of Economy, the document was issued illegally, while the decision affects the final consumers.

At the same time, the court is requested to specify that later projects regarding the establishment of fuel prices to be publicly debated.

It is also mentioned that the rights and legitimate interests of the consumer might be breached. Therefore, according to consumer protection law, any consumer is entitled to be protected against the risk of purchasing a product or service that might prejudice their rights and interests, having the right to gain complete and accurate information about the purchased products and services.

According to the law, any person who considers their rights breached, recognized by a law, by a public authority, by an administrative act or by failure to solve a complaint within the legal deadline, is entitled to address to the court to obtain the annulment of the act, recognition of the right to gain compensation for the caused damage.

Following, the court has decided to cancel ANRE's decision to increase the fuel prices. The decision was taken Tuesday evening.

Still, despite the court's decision, gas stations from the country have increased the prices for fuel.

Based on a decision taken by ANRE, people will have to spend 19,46 lei for one liter of gasoline and 17,41 lei for one liter of diesel.

Despite prices having been increased after midnight, according to ANRE's director general, Tudor Copaci, fuel prices will be restored to the previous ones today, after 15:00 local time.

"The court's decision cannot be commented, only executed. We will not increase fuel prices today and suspend the decision of new prices, returning to the previous ones" Tudor Copaci declared.

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