Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure prioritizes open data

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, together with the State Chancellery and the Electronic Governance Center, organized a joint working meeting to identify the directions for promoting and increasing the level of communication with citizens by improving the ways and means of publishing open data.

The meeting took place in the context of the national campaign "Do You Know What Your Government Is Doing?", which takes place between March and May 2018 and is dedicated to the access and usefulness of open data in various fields of activity.

During the meeting, the officials reviewed principal evolution in the the policy implementation for the openness of data and Open Government initiative, referring to the position of Moldova in the International Open Data Ranking.

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure has actively engaged in this process, proposing the opening of new data sets and increasing access to them.

In this regard, the Ministry invites you to complete the Questionnaire

Further information regarding the launch of poll can be checked here

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