Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure launches website Good Roads for Moldova

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure has launched the online map Good Roads for Moldova, which can be viewed on the website Thus, citizens will be able to view on-line the updated information about the rehabilitation and construction of national and local roads within the project Good Roads for Moldova. The map contains up-to-date information for each district about the volume of work to be done, at what stage the project is implemented, how many road sections have been restored, are in work or are to be repaired, what is the volume of investments, type of works performed, etc.

At the launching of the website, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, said that this online map will ensure transparency at every stage of implementation of the Good Roads for Moldova program, from design to execution of repaired roads .

"The project is very big, it is a challenge for both the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and the companies who won the auctions. We have developed this map because we want citizens to have access to information of the project, "said Chiril Gaburici.

The information on the website is updated five times a day.

"General data about the project are published on the first page - the volume of investments, the length of the roads, the number of sections, as well as the information for each district.

On the second page, we have all the works and their type," said Anatol Usatîi, state secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.

Finally, the Minister urged citizens to be actively involved in road construction and repair so that we have qualitative and sustainable roads.

"Villagers in towns and cities let us know when they see irregularities, and we will intervene. Entrepreneurs involved in the road rehabilitation process should respect the plan of the works and meet the requirements ", reiterated Chiril Gaburici.

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