Ministry for Romanians Abroad offered over 2 million MDL for projects financed by Moldovan institution

The Ministry for Romanians Abroad in Bucharest last year offered over 2 million MDL for projects financed by the Moldovan institution. The information was made public by the State Secretary at the Department for Romanians Abroad Ovidiu Burdusa. 

In 2019, over 200 projects were approved for all Romanians abroad, in a total amount of over 7 million RON. Among the projects funded in Moldova in 2019 are the editing and printing of magazines, newspapers and the creation of an online platform to promote the Romanian language. Within the projects, several educational institutions were equipped with Romanian language technique and books.

Besides, money was offered for the construction of the canonically subordinate churches Mitropolie Basarabiei. Since its establishment, in 2017, the Ministry for Romanians Abroad is with the Romanians from abroad with financing, campaigns and projects.


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