Ministry Chiril Gaburici discussed with BCR representatives about the investments in the infrastructural domain

The Economy and Infrastructure Ministry, Chiril Gaburici, had ameeting with the Romanian Commercial Bank, Sergiu Manea and board members of BCR.

Thy discussed about our country's investment opportunities and financial tools for the business area. BCR representatives were interested in consolidation of the network of branches and also in the new infrastructural projects support.

Within the discussion, Chiril Gaburici talked about socio-economic evolution of the Republic of Moldova and the dynamic growth of the economy sector, especially the industrial, agricultural and investment ones: "The Government puts an effort to continue the reforms in the most important domains of the economy and we want to create an favorable business environment for the internal and foreign investors. In 2018, the gross domestic product increased with 4%, and in 2019 January-March period the exports increased with 8,1%, imports with 2,9%".

The partsanalysed the evolution of the industrial sector that in 2019 registered an increase of 1,5%, being influenced by the extension of the Free Economic Zones activities, especially in the automobile industry.

The BCR president appreciated the implementation of the reforms by the Chisinau authorities in the banking sector and mentioned that the positive socio-economical evolution of the Republic of Moldova is encouraging the investors to build businesses in our country. "We want to show our commitment for the country, that way being able to support private and state projects financially", mentioned BCR president.

In the Republic of Moldova are functioning 1 765 businesses financed by the Romanian capital. The social sector investments are estimated about 1 997 billions MDL. Romania is classified on the 2nd place in the top of the states that invested in the social capital of the Republic of Moldova and 1st place by the number of the businesses where they invested.
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