Ministries' press service upskilled public communication, project by US Embassy

The State Chancellery has benefited from the training program "Developing the professional skills of communication specialists within the Government of the Republic of Moldova", supported by the United States Embassy in Moldova.

The project aims to improve the skills and competencies of the government communicators involved in communicating and promoting the reforms implemented by the Government.

Over 30 Ministries communicators and other central administrative authorities have become acquainted with good international and local communication practices, having the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in strategic communication, PR and media relations, internal communication, writing strategic messages, communicating crisis management, data visualization, social media, internal communication, mail marketing and video communication.

Over the course of six months, seven international workshops and five local trainers organized dynamic, interactive sessions focused on optimizing knowledge and developing the skills of communication specialists in central public institutions.

At the awarding ceremony, Lilia Palii, Secretary General of the Government, expressed gratitude to the Government of the United States of America for ongoing assistance in implementing the Chief Executive's Agenda for Reform in Chişinău.

"The Republic of Moldova does not have to invent communication practices in government institutions. Taking international best practices is a valuable investment in strengthening the professional skills of government communicators," Lilia Palii reiterated.

In turn, Ambassador James Pettit mentioned that the US Embassy will continue to support the Government's efforts to communicate on the Reform Agenda.

"Communication is one of the most important aspects of diplomacy and it is a responsibility of each government. It is important for all people to understand why the hard work we are doing to advance the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU will bring positive change in their life, "said US Ambassador to Chisinau, James Pettit.

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