Ministries might be obligated to monitor how their policies are affecting citizens

Ministries might be obligated to monitor the policies they elaborated, this being possible after speaking with citizens and business environment.

This is foreseen in a new project elaborated by experts from the economic council, along with Prime Minister. The document was published and will be debated. It is part of the central public administration reform.

"Those functions will require collaboration, a deeper partnership with all those implicated from the society, those who are affected by those policies and who abide them. To improve this perception, ministries will meet more often to understand how pleased is the business environment with what the state does" one of the project's authors, Roman Laduș said.

Another obligations views the monitoring and improving the score gained by Moldova in international rankings. 

Authorities will have to input efforts to make our country win better positions, as international ranking and the society's perception are taken into account by foreign partners, when it comes to providing assistance. Such a practice exists for a few months now at the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance.

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