Minister of Health, about hospital reform: I urge all family doctors to participate at this program

At a press conference, the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection talked about the benefits of hospital reform.

Radu urges all physicians to participate in this program because their incomes will be significantly higher than those they perceive today

The official also added that he was positively satisfied with the benefits that this reform would bring to both physicians and patients.

"It is an innovative program, it is a reform of the system, which will allow us to attract family doctors into a new financing procedure, which will give them the financial freedom to organize themselves.

Those who will work in the rural area will have a bonus, which will be covered by CNAM, 50 percent for each patient. Which implies an additional income for physicians who will work in rural areas.

I am convinced that physicians when they realize the opportunities that create this reform will be involved aboslut all. It is a small resistance, perhaps this resistance is because this reform has not been explained to the end as it will be implemented.

We have studied in detail with the secretaries-general who have prepared this reform, as we will continue to inform doctors.

To be honest, I am personally satisfied with this initiative and urge all family doctors to participate in this program, because the incomes they will have will be significantly higher than those they perceive today.

The aim of this reform is first and foremost a better quality medical service delivered in the rural sector as well as in the urban sector, because physicians will have a much more significant income compared to what they have today.

I think they can already start filing the files. Once this regulation is published, it will already become the legislative framework that will regulate the work of physicians.

We're open to talking to doctors. We have prepared an explanatory overview of the steps and perspectives of this reform. I personally are surprised why this reform could be brought to doctors and patients, "said Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Silvia Radu.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that during the ceremony of investing in the position of Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Pavel Filip highlighted the fact that waiting is a hospital reform where the work was started, and that Silvia Radu will have five months for to approve this reform.

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