Minister of Foreign Affairs: Using this phrase was a mistake that I truly regret

The Foreign Minister, Nicu Popescu, regrets the declaration that he made while at Bucharest believing that the armed conflict on Nistru was a civil war.

'I used a failed phrase while referring to the Transnistrian conflict. Using of this phrase was a mistake that I truly regret and hope to surpass this moment of misunderstandings in my public speech. I want to assure you that despite this regretful mistake, my work will still be concentrated on unblocking the foreign relationships of Republic of Moldova, cooperation intensifying with Romania, Ukraine and European Union', mentioned Nicu Popescu.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Chisinau, put into function by Kozak Alliance, declared while at Bucharest, that he considers the armed conflict on the river Nistru a civil war, while in the Transnistrian region are staying Russian troops.

The Minister's declaration was harshly criticized, inclusively by his colleagues within the Kozak PSRM-ACUM Alliance.

The MP Octavian Ticu mentioned that the Minister of Foreign Affairs doesn't represent him and requested for him to reconsider his declaration regarding the 'civil war', which was in reality a war of aggression of the Russian Federation against the Republic of Moldova.

Also one of the Civic Platform for Dignity and Truth, Valentin Dolganiuc, writes that after such declarations, it's clear that the Minister is a 'lost guy'.

Not even the former leader of the Liberal Party, Mihai Ghimpu, isn't tempered in declarations anymore. Ghimpu mentions that this was the main purpose of the Kozak Alliance , an ideal option for Russia. 

The journalist Stefan Secareanu came with arguments why this war wasn't a civil one.  He writes that according to CEDO's decision, in the Ilascu's group case, the territory from the separatist zone is 'occupied by Russia'.

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