Minister of Education present at teacher's day event hosted by PDM

Hundreds of teachers from Ciocana sector of the Capital have participated at events, organized by PDM, for teacher's day. Participants also had the chance to speak with Monica Babuc, Minister of Education, who attended the celebration.

Teachers have admitted that they are attending such event for the first time in their lives and they also had the chance to speak regarding their difficulties.

"We want the educational system to attract the young generation, to have a flourishing collaboration with the new Minister that will bring results" teacher Emilia Caprenco declared.

The Minister of Education has assured the employees that the Government is creating solutions for all current issues, as we speak, including a better pay starting 2018.

"Our concern is not only the small salary, but also the lack of prestige this profession had, of multiple reports you have to provide. I only ask of you: let us work together to solve all problems" Minister Monica Babuc said.

For the occasion of teacher's day the employees have received gratitude and appreciation messages for their daily work. 

"We respect you very much, but at the same time, we wish to gift you all the autumn flowers" PDM representative Simion Pleşca stated.

"By educating the pupils you contribute to the building future generation of this country. We thank and bow to all your efforts" entertainer Doiniţa Gherman spoke.

The teachers were glad that they have been heard.

"We lack employees, therefore a better pay is required, so that more people will want to work as a teacher."

"I hope this is the stepping stone for us to be heard by the Government."

"I hope that after the meeting with Madam Babuc, the situation will take a turn for the better."

The guests have also enjoyed a concerted, where local starts have performed, such as: Nelly Ciobanu, Olga Ciolacu, Vitalie Dani and Anastasia Lazariuc. 

The teachers day is celebrated every year on 5th of October.


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