Minister of Economy and Infrastructure attended launch of meal tickets in Republic of Moldova

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, participated today at the launch of the first meal tickets in Republic of Moldova, by a French group Up. The implementation of the meal tickets system is going as foreseen in the document, which came into force on January 1 2018.

Therefore, one ticket worth to 45 lei will be issued both paper based and electronic based. The meal tickets can be used in canteens, cafes, restaurants and to purchase food in shops. It is forbidden to exchange those tickets for cash money and employers who will offer their employees meal tickets will be exempt from payroll taxes.

According to Minister Chiril Gaburici, the meal tickets are meant to assist employers from Republic of Moldova, by attracting and motivating employees.

"This event is possible thanks to the actions taken by the Government to support the national economy, while the results will be shortly visible, for both employers and employees" Minister of Economy and Infrastructure mentioned.

Representatives of Up Moldova expressed their gratitude toward Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure for supporting the business environment.

The French group is one of the biggest international suppliers of meal tickets. They opened an office in Republic of Moldova in October 2017. At the moment, Up Moldova owns the biggest national partner network for acceptance of meal tickets "Dejun".

Therefore, over 600 canteens, shops and restaurants from Republic of Moldova are ready to offer their clients the possibility to pay for their food using meal tickets - one of the most well known employee benefits in the world.


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