Minister Monica Babuc tabled Holocaust education with head of OSCE Mission to Moldova Claus Neukirch

Moldovan Minister Monica Babuc had a meeting with the head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Claus Neukirch.
The main topics of the discussion were the field of Holocaust education and commemoration, cooperation in the field of inter-ethnic relations, as well as aspects related to the functioning of schools with Romanian language training in the Transnistrian region.
During the talks, Minister Monica Babuc highly appreciated the collaboration so far and the OSCE's support for several educational projects.

Regarding the study of the Holocaust in the educational institutions of the Republic of Moldova, the Minister emphasized that there are several learning units related to this phenomenon in the curriculum of the subject "Romanian and Universal History". Moreover, the Curriculum was approved for the optional "Holocaust: History and Life Lessons" discipline.
Periodic training and seminars for history teachers are also carried out with reference to the Holocaust Education Methodology; various extracurricular and extracurricular activities are organized with the topic, conferences, round tables, information and documentation visits; various actions to promote the knowledge of the Holocaust phenomenon through cultural activities are supported and carried out.
At the proposal of the MECC, the Jewish History Museum of the Republic of Moldova was established, and the Jewish Cemetery in Chisinau was transformed into its subsidiary.
In turn, Claus Neukirch appreciated the collaboration between the OSCE and the MECC, welcoming the active involvement of the MECC in the field of education and commemorating the Holocaust in the field of inter-ethnic relations, as well as ensuring the good functioning of the teaching schools in Romanian in the Transnistrian region.
In this context, the ministry's leadership has expressed the willingness to continue these actions, including with the support of the OSCE Mission to the Republic of Moldova.

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