Minister Gaburici highly praises construction of Comrat city bypass carried out by a Turkish firm

Moldovan Economy Minister Chiril Gaburici has inaugurated the construction of Comrat city bypass and verified the works of national road M3 - Porumbrei sectors - Cimișlia. These projects are carried out by a Turkish company, ONUR Taahhut Tasimacilik Insaat Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.S, with budget of 59.4 million euros. 

According to Minister Gaburici, the roads play an important role in national strategy. 

"National road M3 - Porumbrei sectors - Cimișlia and Comrat city bypass are important. Not only to ensure the connection between Chisinau capital and the area but also reduce traffic congestion are they aimed for", said Minister Gaburici. 

ONUR has employed 67 workers for this work stage and other 400 specialists on the implementation stage, 95% of whom are from Republic of Moldova. 

"It's important that our employee have the opportunities to work in the country, to cooperate with international companies. Thanks to ONUR, we will gain more experiences in road construction", added Minister Gaburici.

Minister Gaburici said the works are on the first stage and materials will be sent on the following stage. 

"After this preparation stage, we will transport materials necessary for construction", said minister. 


The two sections of road will be put into operation in 2022 but the Turkish company pledged to finish them by the deadline. 

Around 19 km of national road M3 - Porumbrei sectors - Cimișlia and 18.3 km of Comrat city bypass are cited on the contract. 




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