Minister Gaburici called for involvement of all responsible institutions of national roads

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, made today an urgent meeting and called for the active involvement of all institutions responsible for the state of the national roads during the winter. The minister also appealed to the SE. "Road State Administration", that all the rooms on the routes are functional, so that the citizens check the state of the roads before embarking on a trip.

"At the moment, the road traffic on the national roads is satisfactory, and we will make every effort to make all the routes feasible. I will go to the territory to inspect and inspect the road cleaning works. drivers to be alert in traffic, to comply with traffic rules and road signs, to comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation in force, especially those relating to the endowment of cars and their management during winter", said Minister Chiril Gaburici.

This night, national patrols and patrols were carried out. In the technological process were involved 312 road workers, trained 109 special equipment and 1624,5 tons of anti-slip material were used.

National patrols and patrols are continuously carried out on national roads. At the moment, road traffic on national roads is provided in winter.

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