Minister Gaburici: 4G networks cover 94% the country's territory

Internet is an important force in the country's economic growth and the 10% increase in broadband Internet penetration also increases the country GDP by 0.24-1.5%.

"Economy Ministry places the improvement of quality of communication service an important place in its priorities. In 2018, many initiatives were launched to develop this sector", said Minister Chiril Gaburici. 

An important factor contributing to the availability of broadband Internet access is the proximity of Moldova to the main international lines and submarines to transfer high-speed data. Moldova also created four main fiber networks that are connected to these international lines.

"Currently, 3G networks cover over 99% of the country's territory and population, and 4G networks provide coverage of 94% of the territory and 97% of the population, "said Chiril Gaburici.

Due to Internet quality, favorable geographic positioning and policies developed by the Government, the first Moldova IT Park was created in 2018, registering 413 resident companies, of which 114 companies are from abroad - originating in 29 countries.

Meanwhile, Ministry also endorsed the Strategy for the development of the information technology and ecosystem for digital innovation for the years 2018-2023 and the Action Plan for its implementation, which come with concrete interventions to reach the priorities set for the next years.

Also, another initiative for the development of this sector was the launch of the Digital Education project, which is an extensive process of rethinking technological and digital education throughout the education system.


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