Minister Chiril Gaburici met with US Ambassador Dereck J. Hogan. What topics they discussed

Chiril Gaburici, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, had a meeting with Dereck J. Hogan, Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Moldova.

Chiril Gaburici expressed his desire to maintain a continuous dialogue with strategic partners and allies, including the United States of America.

"We are grateful to the United States for all the support provided over the years. Thanks to the assistance, we succeeded in boosting the export competitiveness of Moldovan enterprises and reducing the constraints and burdens on the business environment.

Moreover, we managed to strengthen our capabilities in investment and export promotion, improve the business climate and increase the competitiveness of the private sector.

We also hope to have effective collaboration and further contribute to the development of bilateral relations in areas such as IT, energy, trade, "said Chiril Gaburici.

At the meeting, the minister presented the progress made last year in the field of digital economy and information technology, which was appreciated by the US Ambassador.

"We appreciate all the support offered by the US and encourage the participation of American companies in the activity of Free Economic Zones, Industrial Parks of the Republic of Moldova, as well as IT park Tekwill that offers attractive conditions for foreign investors," the minister said.

In 2018, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure participated in the third session of the Joint Moldovan-American Commission for Economic Cooperation, held in Washington. The event discussed the priorities of bilateral cooperation and ways to streamline Moldovan-American trade and economic cooperation.

In the Republic of Moldova there are 398 enterprises with US capital, the value of the investments in the social capital being about 517 million lei. Based on the invested capital value, the US ranks 7th among the partner countries of Moldova.

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