Minibus route No. 113 driver assisted 16-year-old teenager in finding her stolen walled

Driver of a route No. 113 minibus has helped catch a pickpocketer, after the person stole a wallet with money from the pocket of a 16-year-old teenager. The incident took place on Dacia boulevard, Botanica sector.

According to the police, the victim noticed her walled was missing and announced the minibus driver. It resulted in the driver blocking all doors and driving to the nearest Police Inspectorate. Law enforcement have caught, as a result, the 36-year-old thief. Officers having found him in possession of the victim's wallet.

He turned out to be from Transnistria, having previously already been detained for siminal crimes.

The suspect now risks an up to 17 000 lei fine, 180 to 240 hours of unpaid community service, or up to 2 years of imprisonment.

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