Millions lei invested to repair road to Chistoleni Monastery in Basarabeasca

Eight million lei invested to repair road to Chistoleni Monastery in Sadaclia village, Basarabeasca. 

The works will take around seven weeks but officials assured it will be ready by early summer. 

Father Filaret, the Bishop of Chistoleni Monastery, Father Filaret, says he longed for better road.

"It's difficult to reach the monastery during winter, rain," said Father Filaret.

Locals say they will visit the monastery more often thanks to easy-walking road. 

"It was uneasy to walk. However, we needed to come to pray."

"It's a joy for us. I'm happy that people will enjoy praying in the near future". 

Monastery could be named in different in national and international tourist routes after road repair, says representative of Regional Development Agency (RDA)

"We hope we will attract potential tourists", said Andrei Păpuşoi, head of South RDA project management.

The Chistoleni Monastery was established in 1932 and is one of the oldest in the south of the country.

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