Milk production, jeopardized by drop in cattle number. Farmers want government to aid them

The plunging number of farms and milk cows turns out to be a problem for dairy producers.

They have to by the raw materials from peasants, but the latter ones don't have the necessary quantity and do not observe sanitation norms.

The farmer owners say their businesses become unprofitable due to expensive forage and loans.

The official statistics shows the number of cattle in Moldova dropped from 400,000 in 1989, to 130,000 in 2015.

94 % of the milk comes from peasant husbandries, which cannot provide a steady milk volume.

"There is too much milk in summer, and a shortage in winter," said a manager with a dairy factory, complaining about the quality of the milk, too.

The dairy producers call on the government to invest in their sector and double the subsidies for cow farms.

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