Mike Pompeo: USA pledges support Moldova and other European allies to counter Russia's attempts in elections

The United States assumes responsibility for helping the Republic of Moldova and other European allies to counter Russia's attempts to get involved in the elections. The statement was made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a meeting with the US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Chris Coons urged the head of US diplomacy to clarify the steps that the United States will follow to ensure the protection of European democracies.

"So what tools do you think the State Department can and should use and how we should. We are doing everything in our power to counter Russia's possible involvement in the elections to be held in the partner countries, as well as in the US", said Chris Coons, US Senator.

"We have a duty in front of the Europeans, and that also helps the US, to support them to be sure that their democracies are protected. The exchange of information is at the core of our cooperation with our partners, which aims to make them understand the dangers , which the US sometimes sees better than smaller states with fewer resources, "mentioned the US Secretary of State. 

US senators urged the State Department to take a more determined and tough stance on Russian aggression.

The Chisinau authorities have repeatedly expressed concern that the parliamentary elections to be held in Moldova in the autumn could be subject to possible involvement by Moscow.
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