Mihail Amerberg: Grigore Petrenco failed as politician due to his selfishness

Mihail Amerberg declared that Grigore Petrenco has died as a politician, as he is more concerned about himself, criticizing his decision to seek political asylum in Germany.

"He failed in my eyes as a politician. All of his actions, including the attitude towards LGTB representatives, as well as his actions after being released, have proven that Grigore stopped being interested in Republic of Moldova's fate", former colleague Mihail Amerberg declared.

Mihail Amerberg, condemned by the Genera Court on 6th September 2015, confessed that it came to no surprise for him his former leader's decision.

"I cannot call this a manly decision, as that person has solely thought about himself and nobody else, despite his promises to fight until the end", Mihail Amerberg added.

Leader of the "Casa Noastră-Moldova" ("Our Home- Moldova") Party, Grigore Petrenco fled from Moldova to Germany. Despite being sentenced to four and a half years in prison, with permanent suspension, the man left the country.

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