Mihai Popşoi admitted Inquiry Commission over the usurpation of state power as political approach

The Commission of inquiry regarding the coup d’état is political approach, the president of commission Mihai Popşoi announces in a press conference. 

"The approach of this commission is greatly political. After preparing the report, the commission will send it to relevant institution, in this case - General Prosecutor's Office. When the report is finalized, it will be immediately sent to the prosecutors. This step is greatly formal", said Mihai Popşoi.

Publika recalls that the Democratic Party won't accept to participate in the hearings organized by Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry over the usurpation of state power. 

Democrats call this commission a "witch hunt", set up by the PSRM-ACUM majority.

It should be mentioned that, previously, those in the ACUM-PSRM alliance accused the former magistrates of the Constitutional Court of taking an illegal decision when they established that the deadline for forming the new Government expires on June 7th. This is despite the fact that both the Head of State, Igor Dodon and Prime Minister Maia Sandu had previously stated that they admitted that June 7 is the deadline.

In mid-June, Andrei Nastase, who is currently suspended from the position of Interior Minister during the campaign for local elections, praised in front of the deputies that he asked the general prosecutor to file a criminal case on the usurpation of power in state.

Former interim general prosecutor Igor Popa refused to initiate the case. Almost a week after his appointment, the interim general prosecutor , Dumitru Robu, ordered the initiation of a criminal case for the usurpation of state power between June 7 and 14, as requested by Interior Minister Andrei Nastase.

The Democratic Party of Moldova considers that the PSRM-ACUM government has subjected the General Prosecutor's Office to political control, and the criminal case initiated on the alleged coup is an exclusively political one.

Later, the deputies of the Democratic Party of Moldova asked the Prosecutor General's Office to start a criminal case on the usurpation of power in the state by the current government. The president Igor Dodon, the Prime Minister Maia Sandu, the Minister of the Interior, Andrei Năstase, the members of the Government and the parliamentary majority PSRM-ACUM are targeted.





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