Mihai Fifor: Republic of Moldova and Romania have excellent military relations

Romanian Minister of Defense, Mihai Fifor, is visiting today Moldova to meet with his counterpart from Chisinau, Eugen Sturza.

Therefore, during a press conference, the two officials have underlined the main discussed subjects, as well as the excellent military cooperation among Moldovan and Romanian soldiers.

"We have overlooked today the military cooperation between Moldova and Romania. Discussed various methods through which Romania can help consolidate the capabilities of our army. I wish to express my gratitude toward Romania for assisting the elaboration of the strategic framework in the defense area.

At the same time, we spoke of military training. Until this moment, over 800 Moldovan soldiers were trained in Romania. We analyzed opportunities for Republic of Moldova to participate in European Union crisis management operations, either along with or supported by Romania. For this, we need to be well prepared.

I wish to thank Minister Fifor for the invitation to participate in the drills of this year. I am sure that the two armies will prove that they are both good soldiers and friends.

Along with the support offered to the military, Romania's Government was also close to us and launched many projects benefiting citizens from all regions, and here I speak of NATO supported pesticide destruction project. Romania having contributed with 850 000 euro for repackaging and destruction of pesticides. The cooperation between Romania's and Moldova's armies are crucial for the security of our country and must maintain. We established with Minister Fifor that all efforts will be made to achieve the set aims. We celebrate 26th anniversary since the institution was established. I wish to congratulate all soldier. Thank you" Defense Minister, Eugen Sturza said.

Romanian Defense Minister has underlines the fact that this is a symbolic visit for him, while the meeting with Eugen Sturza went extremely well.

"I thank you for inviting me here. I have longed-for this visit. It has a symbolic meaning. As we decide on 1st December, I will perform this year my first visit as Defense Minister. Allow me to congratulate all Moldovan soldiers. The meeting went extremely well.

We have done nothing else but speak of crucial subjects, of the regional security and Republic of Moldova's European track. Romania wishes to continue supporting Republic of Moldova. Romania wishes for Republic of Moldova's European track to become an irreversible process. Moldova represents a strategic partner, and not only a strategic state. I wish to assure that you have our full support. I empathized the collaboration between our institutions, namely joint military training. 

I wish for this year to be filled with drills. We agreed to develop cooperation, not only through drills, but also through training. This year, our Military Medical School offers 200 places. Romania continues to support partnership relations between NATO and Moldova. In terms of military, Romania and Moldova have excellent relations" Defense Minister of Romania, Mihai Fifor said.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that it is the first time a Minister from the new executive from Bucharest is visiting Moldova.

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